Why Do American Bulldogs Chase Their Tails?

American Bulldog Chasing TailHaving a dog means a life companion that is not only your best friend, but it also bless your life by bringing all kinds of fun and laughter. Nothing is more amusing than seeing your dog suddenly start chasing his tail. That sudden obsession of dogs to chase their tails spinning around in circles is quite funny, and seeing him trying vainly to catch is funny but for the dog it’s frustration, and to come over it he keep doing that.

Even most serious of people will undoubtedly find it funny to see their dogs spinning around to catch their tails, but you must be wondering why does it happen to dogs all of a sudden? Can it be a serious behavioural problem? Why do they start chasing it tirelessly and that too all of a sudden and obsessively? Well, below are some possible reasons behind your american bulldog’s tail chasing obsession.

Boredom: Since American Bulldog is mental and physically strong breed, and to release or make use of their energy they need to be mentally and physically stimulated most of the time and when that doesn’t happen it leads to boredom, and you know boredom makes you do silly things. That also applies to your dog. Oftentimes, you will see your dog will get up all of a sudden and start chasing his/her tail. Why? Well, he is simply bored and has nothing to do. For dogs spinning around trying to catch their tail is a way to have some fun and to release the excess energy in their body. Specially, puppies do this activity a lot because they do not know that the tail is a part of their body. They see it as an object or toy they can play with. This behaviour generally dies down after few year as the grow older. Besides, older dogs knows it hurts if they bite their own tail, so they don’t do it. 🙂

Hey look at me!: Everybody love some attention and same applies to your dog. When they have nothing to do, they do silly things to grab their owner’s attention. You must have noticed that when you watch and laugh at your dog do silly things like catching his own tail, he’ll stop and pause for a moment, he’ll see that you’re watching him, and then again start spinning. It happens because your dog is getting positive attention from you and you’re unknowingly becoming a part of this activity. Although it’s fun, but may become a behavioural problem, because it may cause him to do it whenever he wants your attention or want you to play with him. It’s not a big issue, but should be controlled on your command. When you say stop, he should stop spinning.

Trying to chew?: If you see your dog tirelessly going after his tail, trying to bit or chew on it, then there is something wrong. Sometimes dog chaise their tail to chew on it because of skin infection which creates severe itching. If that is the case, you should schedule a visit to the vet. Other reason could be worms or fleas on his tail that causes itching and burning sensation to dogs. To prevent it from happening, you should take care of your dog’s health and grooming.

Genetics: Genetics is also one of the reasons why dogs chaise their tails. Although there has been no proper research on this to claim if its true, but there are some breeds such as Border Collie, American Bulldogs, Terriers and German Shepherds that are known to do excessive tail chasing compared to other breeds. These breeds engage entail chasing even as they grow older.

Compulsive Disorder: If left untrained or uncontrolled, some dogs over a period of time develop compulsive disorder of continuously chasing their tails. This is a behavioural problem that could be related to various factors such as physical abuse, separation anxiety, confinement, injury or trauma. If that is the case, it needs to be addresses the earliest to prevent it from getting worse.

If you American Bulldog is compulsively chasing his tail, make sure you stop him by distracting his mind in some other activity, otherwise he may damage it by biting or chewing on it when he finally does catch it. There are cases in which dogs have experiences hair loss on their tails due chasing and chewing on it.

If you notice your dog chasing his tail excessively and doesn’t seem to be stopping, you should intervene and try to distract his mind and if he is still doing it then you should have him checked out by a veterinarian. In most cases chasing tail is a fun activity and your dog is perfectly fine, but if there is some skin infection on his tail that is making him chase it, the best option is to diagnose the problem with help of a medical professional.

So, you’re dog also does this? Tell us about your experience by commenting below.


  1. Marisol B. Keane says:

    We have a 9 months old german shepherd and my god! He is crazy for his tail, he will chase it all day long. The moment someone touches it, he’ll go bang! Spinning like a tornado!

  2. Laura S. Martinez says:

    My handsome dude Jackey will chase his tail uncontrollably. He generally doesn’t do that, but when someone comes over to our house, he just can not stop himself chasing after his tail. His tail is fine, no skin infection, no hair loss or other health condition. It looks as if he has developed a compulsive disorder. Do you have any suggestion to correct this behaviour? Oh, btw he is 2 years old American Bulldog.


  3. Kimmy Jackson says:

    We have a 16 months old pitt bull that chases his tail whenever she sees other dogs in the neighbourhood. She gets really excited and anxious and then start spinning trying to catch her tail. When we adopted her, she used to do it a lot, and we did not really pay attention to it, thinking it’s a puppy thing, but as she started growing older it became frequent and now she cannot control herself. Please help me, i’m worried that she may hurt herself.

    Any information on this would be greatly appreciated!


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