American Bulldogs Shedding: Do They Shed A Lot of Hair?

American Bulldog Shedding

We get tonnes of questions from thousands of American Bulldog owners and most of them are related to fur shedding and how to stop it. The most common questions asked by our reader are:

  • Do American Bulldogs Shed?
  • Do They Shed Throughout The Year?
  • What Should We Do To Stop Our American Bulldog’s Hair Fall Problem?

The answer is YES! They do shed just like any other dog breed. However, their fur is short which makes it difficult to see it on your carpet, flooring, and clothes. They shed throughout the year, but it get excessive in changing seasons. Given the fact American Bulldog’s fur is short and don’t have a thick undercoat, there won’t be too much fur to clean up, but still there will be some that you’ll have to vacuum clean or sweep.

Majority of dog owners’ worst nightmare is to keep on cleaning their dog’s fur from the carpet, clothes, flooring, furniture etc. Regardless of how much you love your dog, it is frustrating to see your dog’s hair all over the place. During off season they shed less, but during changing seasons it becomes a nightmare for owners. You have your dog’s hair on your clothes, sofa, shoes, and in food too. Majority of dog breeds shed except few that are completely hairless. There are hypoallergenic dog breeds that shed lesser compared to other breeds with double-coated fur that tends to shed large amounts.

Spring is the season when American Bulldogs shed a lot. Just like human body changes and adapt itself to warmer weather of spring, dogs also undergo heavy shedding. Specially breeds like American Bulldog with a thin undercoat shed less compared to other breeds with thick undercoat such as Border Collie and Labrador.

During the fall season also, American bulldog shed their fur, as their body adapts to shorter daylights hours of cold winter season. They particularly shed at the start of the winter season to make way for thicker and heavier coat that keeps their body warm.

Although every breed shed, but how much they shed and shedding frequency varies breed to breed and it is based on different factors. Shedding is mainly controlled by two key factors — light exposure and temperature. That is why American Bulldog puppies that are kept indoors only tend to shed throughout the year and shed less during seasonal coat changes.

In 90% cases if an American Bulldog shed excessively during the changing seasons it is absolutely normal because it happens to majority of dogs few times a year. However, excessive hair loss can also happen because of less-natural causes. For example if your dog has a skin infections or parasite infestations, it may lead to excessive fur fall. On the other hand female american bulldogs generally experience hair fall because of hormonal imbalance due to heat cycle or pregnancy. If your American Bulldog puppy is shedding excessively, you should always consult with your vet and do proper diagnosis to see if their is severe medical problems that needs to be treated to stop shedding.


  1. Arthur Sullivan says:

    We have a 9 month old female American Bulldog at home. From Last month she has started shedding in heavy amounts. My house is literally covered with her fur and it is quite frustrating to say the least. We regularly bath, brush and feed her best quality dog food.

    The biggest concern for me is that, my dog like staying indoor all the time, and i also have son under the age of 2 who is constantly covered in my dog’s hair. I try to vacuum clean her fur as much as i can, but she just shed a lot. Is there anything you can suggest to cut down the shedding a bit?

    I’d like mention that my dog doesn’t have any skin infection or fleas and we also have her checked by our vet frequently to ensure her good health. We did tremendous amount of research before we got our American Bulldog puppy home, but i never thought of this shedding problem.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    • Dana McCarthy says:

      You need to understand that just like other breeds, American Bulldogs also start with puppy coat. Over a period of time, this coat undergo many changes from soft puppy fur to coarse fur. It generally happen during 8-14 months age, depending on different breeds. I’m sure you must be facing heavy shedding because of this reason.

      I recommend giving your dog high quality food that contain Omega 3 & Omega 6 that helps in improving the coat and also reduce shedding.

      Stress could be a factor too as you said your dog doesn’t go out much. Make sure you take her out at least 2-3 times a day and let him play outdoors. You can also check with the breeders from where you have adopted your dog to see if there is anything special you might not be doing. And lastly brush your dog outdoors to ensure there is less indoor cleaning.

      All the best!

    • Roy M. Wingate says:

      Shedding is normal, but if it becomes excessive, then it surely has to do with a health problem your dog might have. We also had a similar problem with our dog, and we figured out that it was too often bathing that was causing the hair fall problem.

      Shedding generally happen when your dog’s coat goes through season change to prepare for warmer weather. If that is the case, then it is normal.

  2. Angela D. Noda says:

    There is nothing you can do to stop shedding if it’s seasonal one, because it is going to happen. Your best bet is to feed your dog food that has Omega 3 & 6 in it because that helps with improving the coat. Ever dog sheds in cycles and will improve in few weeks. However, if there is a medical reason for hair loss then you should take him to the vet as soon as possible.

    The most annoying thing with American Bulldog’s fur is that it is very short and hard to clean properly even with vacuum cleaner.

  3. Julia Lambert says:

    Oh boy! I hate that shedding time of spring and start of fall. My AB is a big time shedding machine, and i feel so helpless that i can not do anything to stop it because it’s natural and going to happen anyway. I see people suggesting brushing frequently, but i don’t think an American Bulldog needs to be brushed, because he hardly has any hair at all.

    All i can suggest is, just vacuum clean 2-3 times a day during the shedding season because that’s all you can pretty much do i guess!

  4. Lori Miller says:

    I have read somewhere that if a dog is not happy and stays indoors all the time, that could also be a reason for excessive hair fall. You must take out your dog and play with him to keep him happy. He needs your attention and love.

    What i do is, i take my dog out for walk at least 2-3 times a day and let him play with our neighbor’s dogs, that keeps his spirit up. Brushing him daily also help!

  5. Melissa Christian says:

    Brushing, feeding quality food with plenty of Omega 3-6, taking him outdoors, play with him — these are the things you can do to stop shedding.

    Daily brushing and 3-4 times bathing a week will remove a lot of loose hair, but you won’t get rid of it all. You must have to wait for your dog to stop malting. It is just something you have to deal with every time the season changes. I have been living with this nightmare for over 6 years now with my 2 American Bulldogs and a Labrador.

  6. Amanda Smith says:

    I realize this is old, but BUY A FURMINATOR! This was a life changer for my am bulldog and our home!

  7. Zee says:


    I found this American Bulldog roaming the streets he looked so pitiful.

    I had no plans on keeping him I posted signs days turned into weeks and no one claimed him. By then I fell in love with him.

    He is so adorable but the dog hair is atrocious! I dust, vacuum, Roomba, swifter, and mop every freakin day. I’m surprise the dog isn’t bald. Who knew they she’d so much.

    I’m thinking he didn’t run away from his previous owners they let them go

    Needless to say he’s my best bud. Yes I walk around with dog fur but I’m happy we found each other.

  8. Marilyn says:

    Yes, fur shedding is the worse. I try to brush at least three times a day. Ugh! I can no longer wear black the same 🙂

  9. Shauntay Brisbon says:

    Yes,fur shedding is a nightmare.Can you please help me

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