American Bulldog House Training

American Bulldog House Training

Patience, dedication and continuous efforts are the key ingredients for hours training an american bulldog puppy. As an owner, it is most imperative for you to make and fellow a schedule of taking him out for walk frequently. You will see better results in terms of house-training if you follow a schedule and stick to training methods you are using. Some owners have a perception that allowing a puppy to go potty indoors is fine and he will learn to go outdoors as he’ll grow older. That is a myth and probably the first foot forward in inviting a big behavioral problem in future that you will find very difficult to deal with.

You should take your american bulldog puppy out:

  • As soon as he wakes up in the morning, first thing you should do is to take him out to create a habit for him and yourself.
  • 15-20 minutes after every meal. That not help in potty training process, but it is good for his health too.
  • Take him out ASAP if you see your puppy sniffing around. He is probably searching for a spot to potty.

Another effective way of perfectly train your american bulldog for housebreaking is to follow a strict routine with complacency. It applies to not only when you take your dog out for potty, but where you take him as well. A dog is known to remember the spot where he had gone to potty last time, therefore taking him to the same spot will encourage him to remember the spot and his natural instinct will force him to always potty there only. The key to house-training success is to make your puppy used to going outdoors.

Some dog owners rush back home right away after their dog finishes his business which is they should not do, because you must let your dog enjoy the walk to let him be familiar with the neighborhood. So, when you take him out, let him sniff around and enjoy his walk. Dogs are very smart, they will do anything to prolong their time outside if you try to rush back home right away. Your puppy with hold it in longer if he feels you’ll take him back home to prolong his time outdoors.

American Bulldog Puppy Potty TrainingWhen you see your dog going potty indoors, catching him in the act right away can be used to your advantage to teach him that it is NOT okay to potty indoors. This is probably the most effective way to potty train your american bulldog. First time owners just let their puppy finish his business thinking it is okay because it’s a puppy and he will learn as he’ll grow older, but that is not that case because your dog will just assume that the owner has no problem so its okay to do it. Because you did not stop him, next time he needs to go to the bathroom, he will remember that going potty indoors is not a problem. He won’t even think about it twice and will pee or poop at his favorite spot in your home.

It’s your responsibility as an owner to stop your dog by distracting him if you catch him pooping or peeing indoors. You just can not stand and watch him do his business, you have to be proactive and stop him. Best way to go about is to loudly say “NO”, Clap or make some noise to get his attention and then stop him right away and take him outdoors immediately to let him finish his business. Make sure you do not scream or hit at the dog, because you don’t want to make him scared of you. Saying “No” in a stern voice is good enough to do the trick.

As soon as he stops, take your dog outside and let him poop or pee there. Oftentimes owners are frustrated of seeing their dogs peeing inside their homes, and as result of that they start shouting or hitting at their dogs after they have finished peeing, which is a wrong way of teaching your dog. You must ensure that you use positive reinforcement tactics to teach anything to your dog, and potty training is no exception. Never shout on your dog after he is finished pooping outside because that will make him think that his owner is mad at him for pooping outside, and that will only confuse him. Instead of shouting, you should reward your dog his favorite treat for pooping outside, so that he’ll think he has done something good, and will follow that always.

if you dog has learned going potty outside, you must thoroughly clean up the indoor spot where he used to potty before. American Bulldogs have a much stronger sense of smell than humans, therefore even if you think you have cleaned that spot because there is no odor left, your dog will still be able to find the the spot because their strong sense of smell can help them find the spot where they used to potty.

There are cleaning solutions available in the pet stores that are specially made to remove poop and urine odor, you can use it to clean the spot your dog remembers. These cleaning agents are pretty much available at any other pet store or local retail stores. Make sure you buy a product that not only cleans the urine stains but also the odor it has left. It is suggested to always clean up the place with such cleaning solutions to stop your American Bulldog from going potty there again.

All the best and please comment below to share your experience of potty training your american bulldog with other owners!


  1. Angela Bravo says:

    My 3 weeks old American Bulldog goes potty indoor despite my hardest efforts to take him outdoors as soon as i feel like he is about poop or pee but he just won’t go outdoors. Please help, it has become a serious headache for me.

    • donna says:

      hi, we just got a beautiful male ABD last month, he’s 4 months old now. sweetest temperament ever and wicked smart too… bit the potty training has been major issue. our problem is 3-fold, first being the stairs to outdoors are long and steep..(yesterday was the first time he went down on his own without being carried, second, the NE cold, he does not like the cold one bit and runs when he sees the leash, and third, when he’s finally out he won’t budge, it’s like he’s terrified. we’re still searching for a solution. admittedly he has done his duty out there only to rocket back up to the house. so idk what to do, want so badly to walk him tho he’ll have no part of that. this pup goes to a puppy play group and loves it, loves the car, even enjoys seeing the vet. so i’m clueless to this outdoor fright. if you find a solution, please share cuz he’s already 42 lbs, a big boy… and if he cont to grow at this rate and we expect he will, i’ll never be able to carry him out, yikes!!

  2. Niara Smith says:

    I own a 12 years old American Bulldog and i still remember how difficult that early house training period was. It was a nightmare to train my dog because he wouldn’t learn anything at all, but gradually he starting learning and today he is my absolute obedient boy! I love him!

    • Robin says:

      How long did it take to train your bulldog? Ours will be a year old in the end of February and he is having accidents in the house.

      • Niara Smith says:

        Hi Robin! It took a month or so to house train him. However, making him learn to walk calmly and stop pulling on the leash took a lot of time.

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