Nearly 3-4 Millions Dogs Are Euthanized Each Year For Various Reasons,
Behavioral Problems Are One of Them!

American BulldogDo you know each year an estimated 2.7 million healthy shelter dogs are not adopted, and American Bulldogs have high percentage in that number. Few lucky ones are adopted by homeowners but are sent back to shelter homes just after few months.

Why? Simply because owners struggle to raise them the way they are supposed to and unknowingly they encourage their dogs to develop behavioral problems. Unintentional encouragement to a dog’s aggressive behavior lead to aggressive biting habit and then owners are left with no option but either leave them to shelter home or unfortunately put an end to their lives by getting them euthanized. You don’t want to be one of those cruel owners, do you?

“Almost 90% Dog Owners Struggle With
Their American Bulldogs!”

Don’t just blindly follow dog training gurus’ tips, because not every breed is same. Different breeds require different training methods!

“There is a Right Way and Wrong Way to train American Bulldogs.”

From: Dana McCarthy
Date: 12-06-2015

Dear Fellow American Bulldog Lover,

danaDo you feel frustrated with the embarrassment, stress and awkward moments that comes with an American Bulldog that does not listen even after yelling your lungs out?

Are you fed-up of constantly training your dog for hours with no results to speak of and in return you end up with a mess that takes hours to clean up?

Don’t you just hate it when your dog doesn’t even look at you despite your hardest endeavor to train him?

Well, you’re in the same boat with millions of other first time owners of American Bulldogs. If those aforementioned questions sounds similar to your own experience, you are undoubtedly in a good company here. In just a week from now, I can guarantee that you won’t be dealing with any of those terrifying experiences anymore.

By saying you won’t have to put up with any of those embarrassing moments, i do not mean you will be spending hundreds of dollars on a professional dog trainer or spending countless hours training your dog with no results to speak of.

To raise a happier, healthier and obedient American Bulldog, all you need is just 10-15 minutes a day. That’s it! NO YELLING, SHOUTING & RUNNING BEHIND YOUR DOG!

Hello! My name is Dana McCarthy and I’m a proud mother of two lovely daughters and naughty Russel, my 6 year old American Bulldog.

Allow me to share my 12+ years of experience in raising and living with American Bulldogs. I’ll be explaining how first time owners can avoid unknowingly teaching their American Bulldogs to behave disobediently.

I’ll be providing insightful positive reinforcement methods that have helped thousands of American Bulldog owners to fix aggressive and bad behavior problems such as:

  • Pulling on leash and refusing to walk with you
  • Indoor Potty Habit
  • Showing aggression for no reason
  • Non-stop barking and whining
  • Nipping, biting and growling
  • Disobedient behavior
  • Attacking strangers, & jumping on guests
  • Refusing to come on command
  • Feeling Anxious and scared of meeting new people & other dogs
  • Non-stop whining and begging for food

…and several other behavior problems as well! Additionally, I am also going to share with you the required “ingredients” to ensure your dog is happy and lives a long healthy life.

Dana McCarthy,
A Proud American Bulldog Owner


Unintentionally You Could Be Invigorating Your American Bulldog To Misbehave, Without Even Knowing It!

Well, that’s true because majority of inexperienced AB (American Bulldog) owners don’t even realize that they are encouraging their dog’s bad behavior which can be a serious problem for not only their dog, but they may also land into unnecessary trouble that can be easily avoided if their dog is well trained for obedience.

Owners who have no prior experience in training dogs sometimes encourage their dog to behave aggressively and they ignore that because they don’t realize how bad the situation can be. For instance when you play “snatching a toy” game with your dog, you think his aggressive behavior is part of the play, but in reality it is not. In fact you are encouraging your dog to misbehave and act aggressively which he may follow in other situations too.

It’s a fact that almost every other American Bulldog owner at some point of time commit these mistakes, that are completely avoidable if you have the knowledge to deal with it. The worrying part is that they are not even aware of it, and when they continue committing same mistakes for long period of time, they unknowingly push their dog towards severe behavioral problems.

To understand it better, take a look at this example:

You take your American Bulldog out for a walk, and he start non-stop barking and whining that not only makes it an embarrassing situation, but it also drives you CRAZY! He’s not listening and you have no idea what to do. In such a situation any dog owner would…

  • Try to tell the dog to stop whining and barking…
  • Try to understand why is he barking and what he wants…
  • Try to make him shut up…
  • Try to shout hoping he will sit down quietly…

After trying some of these step, he may quiet down if it’s you’re lucky day, otherwise the mess will continue until you go back home.

Phew! What an awkward moment, but the problem is solved, right?

Wait, do you really believe that’s the end of it all?

Actually no, not really!

Dog owner’s have a perception that if they manage to make their dog quiet by shouting at him, the problem is cured, but that is not correct, it is just a temporary solution. By doing this what you actually do is showing your American Bulldog that there is no easier way to get anything he wants than whining, barking and begging. it’s a surefire way of getting his owner’s attention. Repeating such behavior will end up in a bad habit that will take so much more to fix later on. What it actually does is, it gives confidence to the dog that whining and barking will get him your attention and to get that he will do it again.

This isn’t just about whining or barking, but it can lead to severe problems as biting, growling and nipping, which is a serious concern for owners to avoid getting into legal trouble. These are early signs of bigger obedience problems, therefore you must avoid them and should never encourage your dog to do them, even if it is unintentional.

There are countless daily life instances of dog owners encouraging misbehavior that needs to be addressed early to prevent it from becoming a stubborn habit!

You must understand that if you want your American Bulldog to stop misbehaving and obey your commands, you have to stop rewarding him for bad behavior no matter what the situation is. Complacency and lackluster approach is not going to work!

Encouraging dog to misbehave is the first step towards development of severe problems such as leash pulling, housebreaking, biting, nipping, growling, jumping, whining, excessive barking, destructive chewing and non-stop begging for food and countless other unimaginable acts that puts you into embarrassing situations.

Although majority of owners do this unintentionally because they are are not aware of it, but this isn’t the main reason why so many American Bulldog owners find it difficult to raise healthy and obedient dogs. No matter how hard they try to train, they just struggle with their dogs. To cut it short, the main reason is that owners lack proper information and are not equipped with right tools and training methods to fix and prevent bad behavior. Despite their hardest effort, they struggle to teach basic obedience commands to their dogs.

Why? Well, simply because they have no knowledge of right ways to deal with behavioral problems.

Why So Many American Bulldog Owners Have No Success in Training Their Dogs For Obedience?

I’m sure you must have tried these tips and methods with no results to speak of…

24Dog Training Classes: If you’re living in metropolitan cities, you’ll find several dog training classes. Mostly these classes have 1-2 trainers for 10-20 people with their dogs, which is not good enough for personalized training of your dog, because dogs learn commands faster with one-on-one training sessions. With 20 dogs and just one trainer it becomes difficult for owners to ask questions and get specific answers needed for proper training. If you’re lucky, your American Bulldog may learn basic commands, but if you’re aiming to fix bad behavior problem at these training classes, most probably you’ll end up with disappointment. It is simply ineffective, because addressing worst of dog behavior problem requires ‘one on one’ training so that both dog and the trainer have each other’s attention.

24General Training Books: You must have read those ‘101 Dog Training’ type all-in-one breed training books, right? Well, the fact is not every breed is same, they all have different personalities, characteristics and temperament. Different breeds require different methods that are best suited to particular breeds. For instance, hoping to train a Rottweiler with a Labrador Retriever training book, is not going to help. Majority of general training books cover basic obedience tips with no step-by-step instructions. If you’re in luck, you may teach few basic commands such as ‘sit’ ‘stop’ and ‘down’ with such books, but the problem is that these books do not have adequate information that is required to target personality of an American Bulldog. By no means i’m saying that they do not work, but there are much effective, smarter and faster ways to train an American Bulldog.

24Private Dog Trainers: Now this option certainly works, because they are professional trainers. However, you will end up burning hundreds of dollars on private training sessions. It’s a good option if you can afford it, but there is still a catch in it. The problem with this approach is that your dog will develop a special bond with the trainer that he is supposed to make with you. He will start listening and respecting the trainer only, but not you. After spending so much of money, your American Bulldog will still ignore you. On the other hand, what if your dog developed a new bad behavior problem or habit. Will you again call the trainer and spend another $500-$1000? That is just wasting money to say the least!

Training Methods That Worsen The Problem,
and Why Your American Bulldog Suffers Because of Them!

Now this is extremely imperative and most concerning for owners. These days everyone is a doctor, trainer, or a self-proclaimed guru. Following their ‘Secret’ tips and training methods may get you some success but if you are following wrong methods to train your American Bulldog, it can backfire big time by worsening the bad behavior problem you are trying to fix, and at the end of the day, it is your dog that suffer the most. This is what i really hate!

Punishment based training methods are the worst thing you can do to your dog. Like it or not, but most first time dog owners use punishment method, but it must be avoided at any cost. The fact is, training a dog should never involve any sort of punishment such as yelling, shouting, hitting or not giving him food. These methods should not be a part of any training.

Punishment based training is exactly how circus trainers trains those animals to perform various tricks and acts, but do you know how much those animals suffer? They keep them hungry for so many hours if not days, they hit them mercilessly even if they are wounded. You’d never want to do that, would you? The main reason why these harsh training methods are popular is because they get the dog to perform tricks by obeying you, but not for the right reasons. Their obedience is a result of the fact that they are scared of you, they are frightened that if they wont follow your commands you’ll punish them. You want to earn their respect to build that special bond between you and him.

Punishment is not the answer, because your dog should obey you because he loves you, not because he is scared of you. You must earn his respect and that only happens when you return back the unconditional love he has for you.

Punishment training tactics are borderline abuse and it should lever be a way to treat an American Bulldog or any other animal. There are much better, effective and smarter tactics that should be used to train your American Bulldog. Use them, and you’ll have a life companion full of unconditional love that you may never get from anyone else.

Alright! So What Should American Bulldog Owners Do?

Use Positive Reinforcement Training Methods
That Work Without Yelling, Hitting or Smacking!

Training methods that i have used to train my American Bulldog are based on positive reinforcement that are smarter and far better way to teach your dog to obey your commands. These training tactics are friendly and rewarding for your dog that why they happily obey you not because you want them, but they want to obey you with respect. Instead of running away and ignoring you, your American Bulldog will be happily listen to you will all his attention on to you.

It’s an absolute pleasure and much easier to train a dog that is happily willing to learn. My training methods are proven to help thousands of American Bulldog owners in successfully building their dog’s confidence to become happier, healthier and obedient.


‘Fierce To Friendly’ is the most insightful and in-depth American Bulldog breed specific training guide that covers every tiny bit of information you need to raise a happier and obedient American Bulldog. It’s a complete owner’s guide that covers proven and tested training methods that are guaranteed to work on American Bulldogs. From adoption to training commands, it includes everything else a dog owner must know to have a healthy, happy and well behaved American Bulldog.

With the help of this guide you will be able to:

15Smartly Cure Your Dog’s Worst of Behavior Problems: The guide provides you with insightful and step by step easy to follow instructions that will take no more than few minutes to get started with the training process. It not only assist you in addressing your dog’s existing behavior problems, but it will also help you understand your dog’s psychology to prevent those bad habits developing again in the future.

15Use Your American Bulldog’s Natural Instincts To Your Benefit: Natural instincts of a dog is the biggest asset for a dog owner to preempt his anticipated move to use it to his/her advantage. With insightful details provided in this guide you will learn how to preempt and reverse-engineer your dog’s natural instincts that you can use to train him for obedience. This process is highly imperative for every American Bulldog owner to learn because mastering it will help you make your dog obey you without any bribes or any other tactics. You will be pleasantly surprise to see how these simple tactics are so effective in dog training.

15Provide The Healthiest Food For Your American Bulldog: While there are many quality dog food products, but generally pet food stores are full of unhealthy foods that can be life threatening for your dog, and same applies to treats and toys. For this reason i have provided an in-depth chapter in this guide that covers everything you need to know about healthy foods, treats and toys for your American Bulldog. This is particularly imperative to maintain optimum weight, body fat percentage and to protect your loyal companion from common dog diseases.

15Raise The American Bulldog Of Your Dreams: The aim of this guide is to educate American Bulldog’s owners to raise a dog that they can feel proud of. It makes obedience training a much easier process so that there are no more stressful, awkward and embarrassing moments when you take your dog out for a walk. Be it a walk in the park, or guests in your house, you’ll be having an ideal American Bulldog that everyone would love to meet. In short, you will have an obedient and socially friendly dog!

Here is a Sneak Peek of
What All You’ll Be Learning

Adopting The Perfect PuppyUnderstanding Your American BulldogAggression & Dominance
Preparing Your HomeYour Dog's Natural InstinctsHousebreaking
Essential Dog NeedsImperative Training ElementsFighting With Other Dogs
Things You Should BuyTraining And AgeBiting and Nipping
Social IntroductionTraining DurationDestructive Behavior
Collars & Leash Use TipsPLUS MORE!Excessive Barking
PLUS MORE!Whining & Growling
HEALTH & DIETSit & StayJealousy
Diet and NutritionFetch ShakeLeash Pulling While Walking
Finding The Right VetCome & DownSeparation Anxiety
Exercise Advice and TipsPlay Dead & Roll OverSubmissive Urination
Grooming TipsPlay Dead & Roll OverPoop Eating
Fleas & TicksPLUS MORE!Marking Territory Problem
VomitingPLUS MORE!

Let’s Hear It From Other American Bulldog Owners!

The best part of day is when every morning i wake up to emails from people who have successfully trained their American Bulldog with help of my guide. The sheer pleasure and happiness you get when you hear from people how miserable their dogs were and how they have managed to pull things back is precious to me. That being said, advantage of ‘Fierce To Friendly’ guide is that even those who have no experience in dog training or this is their first dog ever, they could also get started in no time.

Addressing and fixing bad behavior of your dog becomes a lot more easier when you have the helping hand of a guide that explains you in easy to understand manner and with step-by-step instructions. Teaching your dog new tricks and acts is going to be easy and fun if you’ll be using training methods that work!

Let’s take a look at some of the success story emails our members have sent:

“My American Bulldog is no longer aggressive towards my friends and lot more accepting of other people”

Before adopting my American Bulldog i was told that they are very aggressive and dominant breed, but that did not pay attention to it and i brought home an AB puppy anyway. During his puppy-hood growling and nipping was cute and acceptable to me and other family members but as he grew older it became a serious problem and got out of control. He used to attack aggressively and growl at anyone trying to get close to me. He would even behave aggressively to my sister and mother.

He would bark non-stop at my friends and guests whenever they came home. It was a serious problem and almost cost us our friendship, because after sometime my friends stopped coming to my house.

Fierce To Friendly book helped us a lot in our efforts to overcome dominant and aggressive behavior of our dog. He doesn’t growl or behave aggressively towards my friends and has become a lot more socially friendly and accepting of other people.

Although, I’m not much of a book reader, but i really like this one. Specially the ‘Trick Training’ chapter is my favorite. It’s amazing fun when i teach my dogs the training and love seeing him happy, and wagging his tail left-right in excitement whenever he performs a trick right. A big thank you to Dana! Keep up the good work!

This is a great book and I just love the “Trick Training” chapters. We are really having fun with those and I can tell my dog gets excited whenever he does a trick right. So thank you!

Jessica S. Hudgens
KS, United States

“We couldn’t thank you enough! We now have a well-behaved & obedient American Bulldog”

Hey Dana,

I hope you and Russell are doing good. It’s been over 3 weeks since we purchased your Fierce To Friendly guide. Although we are still training Julie (AB Female) for tricks and other stuff, but it wouldn’t be possible without the information you have provided in your guide. We wanted to leave you an email to thank you for this wonderful guide. Me and my wife have never owned a dog before, therefore bringing home an American Bulldog was a bit challenging and frightening at the same time.

When we brought her home we had no clue about training. Forget about training we did not even know which toys, what food, and what kind of bed we should buy for her. It may not be such a big deal for experienced dog owners, but for us it was a challenging experience. Anyway moving on… Then while searching for American Bulldog obedience training, food and general health care we found your website and we decided to give a go to your guide. We couldn’t thank you enough for such an easy to understand guide that helped us immensely to train Julie. We followed your instruction and training methods and had no problems at all. The best part is the simple manner in which you have explained minute details that are imperative for all first time owners.

Overall, it’s an excellent guide for first time American Bulldog owners like us, and advantaged training chapters will be very useful for even those who have some training experience. Thank you for putting it all together!

Nick Compton
Johannesburg, South Africa

Smarter Training Tactics For Faster Results!

In ‘Fierce To Friendly’ guide i have emphasized on small but imperative steps to improve your American Bulldog’s learning ability and confidence in you. These positive reinforcement based training methods are not only easier for the owners to understand, but their dogs also will start learning new tricks in just a couple of training sessions.

‘Fierce To Friendly’ will help you learn:

14Training Duration For Best Results: The guide puts lots of emphasis on how long and how often you should train your dog to get best results. American Bulldogs are known for their intelligence and ability to learn fast. They are very responsive and catch on what you’re doing quite fast. However, training them for long period of time makes them feel anxious, therefore it is imperative for you to know how long and often you should train your dog.

14Using American Bulldog’s Natural Instincts & Thought Process To Your Advantage: Body language of the dog says a lot of things, therefore you can use your dog’s instinctive behavior to your advantage in the process of training him for obedience. It certainly has a massive impact on an American Bulldog’s training.

14Key To Successfully Training Your Dog For Obedience: In this guide i have provided 4 key elements that are absolutely must for successful obedience training. Combining them all together in training session will guarantee you faster and better result. These elements are imperative in getting your dog’s attention on what you’re trying to teach him.

14Fixing Fidgeting Behavior and Nervousness: At the start of training session most dogs would fidget and hesitate before doing a command. In this guide you will learn how to fix this problem so that you dog will obey your command without any hesitation or pauses.

14Correcting Your American Bulldog When He Messes Up: This is the most critical training part because if you won’t correct your dog’s wrong moves, he will continue doing it n wrong way. learning this part is important because it will speed up trick and behavior training process at least by 30%.

These are just few highlight points, there is much more vital information in the guide you will learn to cure all the bad behavior problems of your American Bulldog.

Eliminate Toughest Behavioral Problems With Positive Reinforcement Tactics!

Getting rid of most challenging behavioral problems of your dog is possible with my guide. You don’t have to compromise with your American Bulldog’s bad behavior anymore. Think about the guide as if a private trainer is guiding you with step-by-step instructions to fix worst of behavior problems your dog has developed over a period of time.

Well, those are the training methods, tactics and instructions you will find in ’Fierce To Friendly’. With help of this guide you will be able to address, fix and prevent bad behaviors such as:

  • Indoor Potty Habit
  • Disobedient Behavior
  • Excessive whining and barking
  • Non-stop barking and whining
  • Nipping, biting and growling
  • Growing aggressively at your guests and strangers
  • Pulling on leash during walks
  • Backyard digging and destructive chewing
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Feeling Anxious and scared of meeting new people & other dogs
  • Fighting with other dogs
  • Non-stop whining and begging for food

More Happy American Bulldog Owners:

“Really like this book! I’d definitely recommend it to people who have an American Bulldog”

While searching for American Bulldog breed specific training information online i found your eBook. I have owned a German Shepherd but this is my first time with an American Bulldog, so i wanted to be fully prepared to give the best care, food and training to my lovely new friend. Your book has helped me immensely as i learned a lot of new things about how to train a dog for tricks with right approach, and i was able to use those tactics on my dog perfectly.

Me and Luke (4 years old American Bulldog) have developed a great bonding. He is one of those dogs who are gentle giants, and i really mean it! He is nothing but an angel which made life a lot easier to train him for those advances tricks. I can not tell much about the behavior problem section, because i didn’t need to look anything from that chapter. However, i really enjoy the trick training section. Everyday i come back from work and spend 20-30 minutes with Luke at our backyard teaching him those tricks. So far he has learned “Playing Dead” “Crawling Commando”, “High Five” and “Fetching a ball”. We are going chapter by chapter and with every passing day Luke seems to be picking up tricks faster each time.

Without a doubt, i’d recommend this book to both first timers and experienced American Bulldog owners. It’s a handy book to have specially for those who love teaching tricks to their dogs. Overall, it’s an insightful and well-researched book to have in your arsenal.

Francisco J. Miller
TX, United States

“Get this guide even if your American Bulldog has no bad behavior problems!”

I have read several dog training books, but this one is by far the best American Bulldog guide that is not only well-researched but also written based on personal experiences of the author. I’d thank Dana for creating this guide in a well organized manner. There is lot more in-depth information provided in the guide that is American Bulldog breed specific which is difficult to find on internet. I personally like the trick training and behavior problem fixing chapters, but other chapters that emphasize on health and general care are equally good.

Unlike other books, Fierce To Friendly doesn’t just talk about breed history and facts, it brings you insightful information that is breed specific and that’s what i like about it the most. For us owners, this book is a must have to raise a healthy and obedient dog.

Your guide cut the chase short and talks straight to the point. I love those step by step instructions that makes the learning curve whole lot easier. The other plus point is you not only tell us solution to fix those behavior problems, but also tell us the reason behind the problems which important to prevent it from happening again.

I’d say, even if your American Bulldog is an angel with no bad behavior problems, still get this guide and read the whole thing! It covers wide range of subjects that helps you to avoid and prevent any bad habits in your dog from forming in the first place.

Karen T. Joyce
OH, United States

Your American Bulldog Deserves Better!
Provide The Best Care For Your Loyal Companion.

When i brought Russell home, from day one i wanted to provide the best care i possibly could, because i love him. If your dog is just like how Russell is for me, you’d want the very best when it comes to raising and taking care of his every need.

When i adopted Russell, i was just like any other first time AB owner, and had no clue about even the basic care required and needs of an American Bulldog. ‘Fierce To Friendly’ is a journey of countless hours of research, participating in several dog forums and asking questions to many professional trainers about Russell’s behavior problems, and months of terrifying experiences with his bad behavior problems. These priceless experiences and learning curves for both me and Russell is the reason why i precisely made sure to include every tiny bit of information that a responsible American Bulldog owner should know in order to raise an ideal American Bulldog that anyone would love to live with.

With Fierce To Friendly guide you will know…

14Best diet and nutrition for your American Bulldog: You will get a separate chapter that talk about what food you should get for your dog that takes care of daily nutrition needs. It is unfortunate but true that most pet stores selling pet foods are junk with no nutritional value. In this guide you will learn about dog food that provide optimum nutrition for your American Bulldog.

14Preparing home for your American Bulldog: When bringing home a new dog, it is imperative to prepare your home and outdoor space to protect both your home and dog from each other. There may be harmful plants in your garden that can make your dog sick and on the other side your dog can destroy your yard and interiors with destructive digging and chewing. Therefore it is imperative to know what all to keep away from your dog for safety.

14What toys you should buy: It’s important for owners to know that what toys they should get and which one to avoid. In this guide you will learn which toys are considered safe for your American Bulldog and which one you should stay away from and why.

14Instructions on grooming your dog: You will learn what are the best products to use when you give your dog a bath, and other grooming instructions such as how to clip his nails, curing bad breath problem, keeping his teeth white and clean, etc.

…and everything else you need to know to raise a happy and ideal American Bulldog you can proud of!

Recently sent emails by my readers:

“No more destructive chewing! When i come back home i find my dog sitting at the door with his tail wagging”

Hi Dana! Thanks a lot for writing such a detailed guide! I have to confess that when i purchased your book i honestly did not expect any results because my dog was an absolute monster with tonnes of bad habits and no control whatsoever. I tried every tip and instruction available on the web, but he was just so aggressively out of control. And then i stumbled upon your book, (one of your other reader recommend me) and started following your advice. It was difficult to see any positive result for at least a week since he is 6 years old stubborn dog, but from next week onward i started noticing improvement in his behavior.

Due to busy schedule at work, i did not have much time to devote on his training, but with constant efforts, It took me 3-4 weeks to successfully cure my dogs excessive barking, leash pulling and most importantly separation anxiety and destructive behavior.

Earlier when i used to come back home from work, i was welcomed with a messed up house, my chewed socks, shoes and other clothes. But now, when I’m not home i always have this feeling that things will be exactly the way i left them, and that is exactly what happens when i’m back home. Welcomed by my dog jumping with joy and wagging his tail. Thank you so much for guiding first time AB owners like me!

Taylor Johnson
Sydney, Australia

“I managed to housetrain my dog. Without your guide I know I would be still struggling.”

This is my first American Bulldog, i had 2 Labrador Retriever before, and i must say that i had never any behavior or housetraining issues with my Labradors, but bringing home an American Bulldog has been a different experience all together. Thanks to your book that made things a little easier and without it i would still be dealing with a dog that loves going potty indoors. As i said, i have owned 2 dogs before, so i have some basic experience in potty training, but my American Bulldog wouldn’t learn despite my hardest efforts. At first i thought he may be a slow learner and with time he’ll learn it, but this dude would just potty inside the house even if he is coming back home after a long walk outside.

It got to the point where it became a serious problem because my house was a complete mess and decided to take him back to the breeder from where i brought the puppy home. Don’t take me wrong, i’m not a cruel person, but at that time i was to frustrate and fed up with my dog. I don’t know for sure, but without your guide i would be finding it very difficult to have him in my home.

Moving on…I’m so happy that i didn’t do that. Carefully reading and applying all the housetraining chapter advices and tactics i taught him to go potty outdoors in about 6-10 days. With frequent training session and practice he learned to make this silly noise whenever he need to go out for potty or walk. In about 10-20 days i completely housetrained my dog. Without your book it would’t be possible. So, thank you and keep helping dog owners like me.

Michelle Abbot
Nottingham, UK

Tested & Proven By Over 6600+ American Bulldog Owners 100% Guaranteed To Work Or Get Your Money Refunded!

Just like it has worked for so many American Bulldog owners, I’m extremely confident that you will be able to cure, avoid and prevent your American Bulldog’s bad behavior problems.

…if not, you’ll have my 30 days 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked whatsoever! It’s simply risk free guide you can try on me. I want you to try ‘Fierce To Friendly’ on me, completely risk free!


Free Bonus Books & Email Consultation

With ‘Fierce To Friendly’ guide, I’m going to include 3 books and Unlimited Email Consultation as FREE bonuses.

I came across several great pet books authors, dog owners, trainers and veterinarians, while researching for information i can add to this guide. They gave me the opportunity to give away their books freely to my readers as a cross promotion offer. So how does that benefit you?

Simple! You get their books free of charge. Sweet bonus, isn’t it?

I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this offer going, because this is a cross promotion offer and authors of these books may not keep it going for long period of time. So, take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts because i might have to take the offer down.

18Dog Health Care 101
Bonus Gift #1 ( $19.99 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

A handy dog health care book for a new dog owner that provides insightful information about how to keep your dog healthy. You will learn how to spot signs and symptom of general illness and common dog diseases.

It’s an excellent book with in-depth information on things that are extremely important if this is your first dog. You can learn all the basics of responsible pet ownership with this book.

strong bond‘Strong Bond’ – Building A Strong Bond With Your Dog
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It covers detailed information about everything a dog owner must know be an ideal owner for a dog so that you can build a strong bond with your loyal companion.

This is particularly an excellent reference book if this is going to be your first dog. With this guide you’ll learn all the basics of owning a dog.

20Yummy Dog Treats
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If you’re new to dog food cooking, this could be an ideal book to have in your arsenal. With over 135 dog treat recipes, this is a must have dog food recipe book to cook fast, easy and nutritious treats for your American Bulldog.

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Being a first time American Bulldog owner you are bound to have several questions related to training, behavior problems, health care and other topics. To personally help you, I’d be including my personal email address where you can send me your questions that i will answer with my suggestions and opinion. If you are finding anything difficult to understand or follow in the guide, you can email me anytime. Or else if you are looking for some information that is not covered in the guide, please send me an email, I’ll be happy to assist you the best i could. You surely don’t get this service with any other dog book!

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Every passing day will worsen you dog’s bad behavior, it’s never going to improve unless you start training him/her with the right approach. All it takes is about 10-15 minutes a day, and you’ll be blessed with lovely and obedient dog you can go out with.

So what would you give to get a simple yet effective cure to your American Bulldog’s worst behavioral problems? What is your dog’s happiness and health really worth? Would you be willing to spend $50-$100+ to have a happy and obedient dog? Some of us may spend more than that just to see our dogs happy and live a better life, BUT this guide won’t cost you nearly as much!

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It’s always good to start training your American Bulldog as soon as possible, because the sooner you start, the quicker he will respond.

You don’t really have to deal with the stress, awkward moments and embarrassment that comes with having a dog that doesn’t listen to you and has serious behavioral problems. As an owner you must take the first step in the right direction in order to live with an ideal American Bulldog that you always dreamed of.

Join 6600+ other American Bulldog owners who made the right decision to be able to raise a dog that is obedient, healthy and happier than ever. Use those same training methods and tactics that other owners have used to change their dogs’ lives for the better.

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‘Fierce To Friendly’: American Bulldog Owner’s Guide! $24.99

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Note: You have 30 days to review and try this amazing material. You can make use of insightful information provided in this guide about American Bulldog training, grooming and health. In those 30 days you can ask for full refund at any time. Just email me, and I’ll process your refund without any questions asked to you. There is absolutely no risk!

Still wondering? Well, you’re dog deserve it is all i can say!
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