Potty Training An American Bulldog Puppy

american bulldog potty trainingPotty training is the first thing that every american bulldog owner should emphasize on or else be prepared for some serious mess. Be it experienced or first time owner, if they could choose one skill they want their dog to learn as soon as possible, house training would undoubtedly be the winner. After all, who amongst us would like seeing their dog peeing and pooping in the house? No one likes it, I can guarantee you that!

Potty training / housebreaking issues are the number one complaint majority of dog owners report us for behavioral consulting. Here’s what i advice them:

There are two basic rules of housebreaking training, and you must get them 100% right strictly or else it wouldn’t work or you might end up with a partially house trained dog, and you don’t want that to happen, trust me!

RULE 1 Confinement

It’s pretty simple, you are not going to allow your dog to pee or poop in the wrong place, and you must follow it strictly. It is the most effective way to house train the puppy. Until your dog is fully housebroken, you’re not going to let him walk around freely anywhere in the house.

To create confinement space for your dog you can use a crate or else use partition gates to section off small restricted area where you’ll keep your dog all the time. Your dog must be kept restricted in this place every single minute throughout the day except when you are grooming, walking, feeding or interacting with him.

It is quite obvious that confinement is a tough one for most owners, because everyone love playing with their puppy and let them walk around the home while doing some work or may be watching TV. However, this puppy love can quickly turn into a nightmare if you let a dog that is not house trained walk around freely. Even if you think you have your eyes on him, and you let loose for a quick chat, he can poop or pee on your floor, and when that happens it is the first encouragement for bad habit to develop from you. Therefore, it is imperative to prevent bad habits being developed in the first place rather than letting them happen and then correct after the act.

RULE 2 Taking Him Out Regularly

Regularly taking your american bulldog puppy out to the right place for peeing or pooping is the way forward. You should do that in at least every few hours and be consistent with it everyday. Or else you can provide an indoor bathroom and for that you can use newspapers or a litter box.

Basically your puppy must have fixed place to go whenever he feels like peeing, and you should follow it strictly and make sure he doesn’t pick different spots every time for peeing or pooping.

Whether you’ll get success or failure with your housebreaking training to your dog, the outcome will be a huge learning curve and it is only going to benefit both owner and the dog. Amount of time taken by dogs to learn housebreaking vary because some dogs learn faster and some take more time to adapt to training commands. However, ultimately the owner is responsible for failure and success, because the dog is going to follow what you’ll teach him knowing or unknowingly.

You must arrange things and create the right restricted area so that the only place your dog has to go for potty where you want him to go. That’s how they develop their habits. That said, if you allow him too much freedom to freely roam around anywhere in the house, or if you don’t give him quick access to the place where you want him to pee, then it will only confuse him and that will become a habit too.

Potty training a puppy or an adult american bulldog is the most pertinent issue for all the owners. Having understanding of proper training methods and techniques for house training turns out to be very helpful. Even if you fail to teach advance tricks and commands to your dog it would still be okay, but if you fail to potty train him properly then it can be a serious problem later on. Some owners find it very challenging and a hassle to deal with, but it should be seen as an important part of bringing up a pet.

Before you begin with potty training your puppy or adult american bulldog, there are few imperative aspects that must be emphasized on. Below are some of them:

Understanding your dog’s body language is extremely important. Look out for signs, expression and stances that indicates when the dog wants to go potty. At the beginning learning these signs can be difficult for owners, but with time you’ll have proper understanding of it.

If you have adopted a 2-3 month old american bulldog puppy, then you need to know that they potty at regular intervals as they have no control over at their bladder at this age. For instance, as soon as they wake up, after play time, after meals and right before sleeping again they most likely going to potty. In that case prepare a schedule and take your puppy out at the backyard or the place where you want him to potty whenever you feel like they are going to potty. Strictly following the schedule and taking him to the exact spot is the key to potty train your dog.

Praising your american bulldog soon after he is done with nature’s call at the right place is important as it makes it him feel he has done the right thing. During the initial training phase you can also give him treat to speed up the process because they learn faster when they see treats are up for grab. Treat reward and praising from his owner makes the dog remember the spot where you want him to defecate every single time.

As your dog move along with potty training, you can also try signal training in conjunction. This helps you understand your dog’s signals and body language when he wants to go potty. One good example of signal training could be to hand a bell where your dog can reach it easily and train him to push it with his nose or paw whenever he wants to go out for potty.

Keeping your dog under strict vigilance until he is fully trained for potty and other housebreaking things is important. You must not allow him to freely move around in the house, or else he’ll think it’s okay to potty anywhere.

Using a crate until the dog is house trained is a good option. They generally like their own little space or den where they sit, eat and sleep. Also, they never potty inside it because they don’t like going potty at a place close to where they sit and sleep. So, the dog is most likely not going to poop or pee inside the crate.

For those who don’t have their own backyard or perhaps lives in high-rise building apartment, they can opt for litter pan training. This involves create a little space for the dog inside the house where he can potty and doesn’t have to go out every time.

Shouting, screaming or punishing your dog if he doesn’t learn potty training should be avoided at any cost because it only worsen the problem. One must always use positive reinforcements techniques to house train puppies and adult dogs. Accidents will happen because they are going to make mistakes initially and in that case a stern “NO” is enough to make them realize they are not supposed to do that.

Majority of dogs mark their own territory inside the house. For instance they may pick a spot on your sofa, or a leg of table or any other spot where they’d pee or poop. If that happens you should spray that spot with a room freshener or a deodorant to eradicate the scent they have left to recognize the spot later on.

If you are willing to take the challenge and have patience to deal with frustrating times ahead, then you will surely end up having a well house trained dog. It may take some time but you’ll definitely cherish the end result, because no one likes to see dog poop inside his/her house. 😛

For more advance potty training lessons and tricks you can read our american bulldog owners guide that covers the top with more insightful information and training methods.

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