Understanding Your American Bulldog To Create A Special Bond

lovely bulldogTo create the special bond between you and your dog, you must understand his psychology and develop a communication method accordingly. This will make your dog feel connected with you and he’ll obey all your commands happily. Having deep understanding of your dog’s behavior helps you during the training sessions because you already know the meaning of his every move and you can act accordingly.

Carefully watching the stance of your dog while training is important. For instance if you see your dog slowly lowering his head, front legs, and tail to get into crawling mode, it’s a sign of herding instinct which is part of their natural behavior when they feel like chasing an object. Whenever you see your american bulldog getting into this stance, it means he wants to herd at the moving object which can be other dogs, cats, a car or even humans.

Giving your american bulldog plenty of physical activities and exercise is important to keep him fit and mentally stimulated. They require a great deal of mental engagement in some sort of activity to channelize their energy, otherwise their destructive behavior will come out. For that it is a good idea to take your dog out at least 3-4 times a day, play with him at the backyard or give them some toys to play with.

American bulldogs also have tendency to growl and sometime they unexpectedly growl at midnight which can be a nightmare for owners and their neighbors as well. For that, understanding your dog’s growling behavior is important. They usually have two types of it, one is a serious one and other one is to play. For owners it is imperative to learn the difference between those two growling types so that you won’t upset your dog when he is growling for serious reason. The best way to differentiate between them is to observe the growling sound while you play tug-of-war or similar game with him and the sound that he makes when he is serious. It’s not that easy as it sounds, but with time and experience you’ll be able to differentiate easily.

Letting your american bulldog follow his natural instinct is fine, but when it gets aggressive and destructive, you must find a way to stop it before it goes out of control. For this obedience training is ideal as it gives you more control over your dog. For instance, if you see your dog digging holes in your backyard, it must be corrected otherwise he’ll bring the same attitude inside your house too and the end result would be devastating.

Building a special and strong bond with your american bulldog takes time and most importantly it’s a game of patience. Proper training and right method is the way forward when it comes to training your dog for obedience.


  1. Ronnie says:

    We have a 6 month old, 80 lb. American Bulldog. He is a pleasure but definitely needs discipline. Ever since he was a puppy we were sturn with him and disciplined as needed. You need this continuous discipline otherwise an American Bulldog will take over and it will be hard to teach him who’s boss. Plenty of play is needed with the American Bulldog. We have all sorts of toys and playtime for him. Sometimes when both of our pits are already asleep and we are ready to rest, he is still going. But with time and training, he is learning when it is time to slow down and sleep. GREAT DOG!!

  2. Marilyn says:

    OMG! I feel so much better now that I have read your info. I adopted a seven month old American bull and started training him quickly. I made him a play area that is gated in my house and now he knows it’s a safe place, a play area and he sleeps there. Even though he is doing a great job with potty training, I learned that he is not ready for me to leave the play pen open at night…too many surprises when I walk through in the mornings…yikes! I trained him to pee and poo in a spot in the backyard and he is doing just great. I was really surprised (with much consistency) how easy it was to train him. Attention…OMG I didn’t know how much they needed but it keeps me active. Thank you for this info because I am on it…lol And Splashy is such a great dog…I am so happy I adopted him. And he loves my granny babies! I am toning him down because he can get a bit much but he is so much better.

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